STARS East Aftercare & Summer  Camp

Our mission is to serve working families who fall below the eighty fifth percentile of low income and to provide a safe, loving and fun environment where children can socialize and learn through play.

We serve children 

5 - 12 years old at

Hancock East Elementary

STARS East Aftercare

is open Monday - Friday from 

2:20-6:00pm during the school year & from 7:00am-6:00pm during the summer

4221 Kiln-Delisle Road 

Kiln, MS 39556 


The purpose of our program is to provide learning experiences within a safe, stimulating environment and to encourage and support the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and cultural growth and development of the child as a whole.  The core components of this program are education and career development, character and leadership, sports, fitness and recreation, the arts, and health and life skills.  Our youth development program includes snack and/or meal time, scheduled time for students to voluntarily do their homework, outdoor play and indoor activities.

Contact our Director of Programs

Sallie West * 228.342.5189

Contact our Program Director

Gwen Gibson * 228.216.6913 

Contact our Grants Manager

Angie Collins * 228.342.1411

Tuition & Fees


$305 per month 

Registration Fee: $50, due upon initial enrollment 

Summer Camp

$500 per month 

Registration Fee: $125, due upon initial enrollment 

Late Pick Up Fee: $25 starting at 6:01pm, with an additional $1 per minute for every minute after 6:15pm

Late Payment Fee: $20

Returned Payment Fee: $20 for each returned ACH payment

Check out our STARS East Parent Handbook to learn more!

The STARS Program is licensed by the Mississippi State Department of Health and complies with all standards put forth by the department.  We are also an Excel by 5 Partner.  Children are admitted regardless of race, creed, color, gender, national origin or religion.